Solar Panels

If you’re going to go solar, you’ll need more than adequate sunlight. You’re going to need solar panels for your home. This is what will convert sunshine into electricity. Without a solar panel system, you might get a tan from all that sun, but you won’t power your home.

What are Solar Panels?

Simply put, solar panels capture the sun’s energy as it shines on the panels and turns it into electricity. Solar panels are made of multiple, individual solar cells. These cells are composed of silicon, phosphorus, and boron which absorb photons from sunlight to create an electric current. The process that converts sunlight to electricity is known as the Photovoltaic Effect.

Solar panels generate what’s known as direct current (DC) energy which means the electrons move in one direction around a circuit. The US electrical grid uses an alternating current (AC) energy system. To convert DC energy created by the solar panels to AC energy to power your home, you’ll need an inverter.

How a Solar Panel System Works

The process of generating power from sunlight is simple enough:

  • Sunlight shines down on installed solar panels.
  • The solar panels convert the light to DC current.
  • The inverter turns the DC energy into AC energy.
  • This new AC energy powers your entire home throughout the day and into the night.

Benefits of Solar Panels

Solar panels are absolutely necessary for the generation of solar power in your home or business, but there’s more to it than basic necessity.

  • Solar panels are a practical and cost-efficient way to produce energy.
  • Panels installed on your roof can collect enough energy to power your home all day and at night, when there is no sunshine. You may even collect enough energy to sell it back to the electric company.
  • Your solar power system pays for itself very quickly once you factor in any tax credits and state or federal incentives available as well as the immediate reduction in your electric bill.
  • The energy produced may create an additional source of income for you. Excess energy collected can be sold back to the electric company resulting in a monthly payment to you instead of the other way around.
  • Solar panels allow you to go off-grid if you want and eliminate the electric company from your life completely.

Solar panel systems allow you to invest in renewable energy and help reduce your dependence on coal and other non-renewable resources. At the same time you’ll save money and reduce your household expenses.