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As home energy prices continue to rise, many homeowners and renewable energy supporters are quickly moving to solar. At Solar Partners, we are strong advocates for the use of photovoltaic and solar energy. We have the information you need to decide if it’s time for you to “go solar.”


Why Solar Power?

The benefits of installing solar panels and using solar energy to power your home not only help your wallet but also your home and your future.

  • Immediately lower your electricity bill
  • Increase your property value without increasing your taxes
  • Enjoy a quiet, nearly maintenance-free source of energy
  • Reduce pollution and CO2 emissions
  • Benefit from state and federal tax incentives and, in some states, zero-money down installation plans. 

 Solar power allows you to generate clean, efficient, and affordable energy. Instead of depending on coal-fired electric plants, your power will come directly from the sun

How Much Does Solar Power Cost?

At one time solar panels weren’t affordable for the average homeowner. Only wealthy families could afford to install solar panels and use solar energy. Thankfully, times have changed. Solar power is much more widely available for average families around the country.

The average price of solar panels has dropped 60 percent since 2011.

In 1998, as solar panel technology began to boom, the cost for solar power was approximately $12 per watt of energy produced. Today, it’s closer to $3 per watt of energy, making solar power much more accessible to families.

Once you factor in the immediate savings in your energy cost and any available tax incentives, solar panels pay for themselves faster than they used to. And you might even receive money back from your electric company for the extra energy your home produces.

How Solar Energy Save You Money

Electricity from your local energy company is charged in two phases. There’s the price you pay during peak usage, daytime hours when more electricity is used by everyone. Then you have off-peak times during the evening, night, and early morning hours — when less electricity is used.

Solar power uses this peak and off-peak cycle to your advantage:

  1. Solar power is generated during peak power times when the cost of electricity is highest. Your solar panels are hard at work powering your home.
  2. During the evening, as long as your home is on the grid, you can use the available electricity during the off peak hours. This dramatically reduces your electric bill.

With the right solar panel system, you can generate enough electricity to push power back into the main electrical grid during the day. Your meter may run backwards, generating energy credits. These credits may translate into cash from your electric company at the end of the month.

That’s right, you could get paid back by your electric company because of your solar panels.

Say Yes to Solar Power

Once you have solar panels installed, you’ll see the benefits immediately:

  • Reduce your usage and dependency on electricity
  • Sell energy back to your electric company
  • Pay less upfront or receive credits and incentives later
  • Take advantage of payment plans and state-offered special discounts

Solar panel technology has improved greatly since the 1990s. Today’s solar panels are more efficient and need even less maintenance than their older counterparts.

How long will do solar panels last? We know they last at least 25 years. The ones built in the 1990s are still producing power and haven’t failed yet, so we don’t have a clear answer. Solar power for 25 years, and the savings that comes with it, is definitely worth the initial cost.